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Ways to Avoid Pain Pills on Your Menstrual Cycle

Ways to Avoid Pain Pills on Your Menstrual Cycle

As women, we seem to be stuck in a hard place when our “time of the month” rolls around.  There seems to be no real relief to the bloating, cramping, and antagonizing pain that keeps you rolled up in bed. It is easy to turn to pain relievers such as Midol, or Pamprin; but where do you turn to when you want to take the more natural route?

One of the most popular herbs used around the world is the chamomile flower. This tantalizing aroma in a warm cup of tea is both soothing and relieving when it comes to cramps. It’s apple-like blossoming taste is enough to calm your pain and nurture those cramps. Chamomile tea is naturally caffeine free as well as surprisingly delicious.

The two species of Chamomile (Roman and German) have been used for therapeutic ailments for many, many years now. These flowers originally were grown in the Mediterranean Region, but now are commonly found in North America as well.  The flower is used herbally for relief with colic (especially in children), bloating, mild upper respiratory infections, premenstrual pain, anxiety and insomnia.

So next time when you feel as though the only thing to turn to is the medicine cupboard, brew yourself a warm cup of soothing chamomile tea instead.