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Pregnant? Chiropractic care can help!

Pregnant? Chiropractic care can help!

Only 16.3% of pregnant women reported using chiropractic care in a recent survey published BMC Pregnancy and Children. Although nearly half (49.4%) of women said they used some type of alternative or complementary care, the study demonstrates that there is significant room for growth when it comes to increasing the use of chiropractic care among pregnant women. Research shows chiropractic can relieve headache, backache, and pelvic pain in pregnant patients.

Pregnancy is split into three trimesters, each one with its different discomforts.

Trimester one is when some women get nauseous—morning sickness can be awful.  But not every woman gets sick, so for them, the first trimester is a good time to get the chiropractic care and other health regimens started.

The second trimester is relatively comfortable for most women, especially if the first trimester was spent hanging off the side of the boat.  But this is when the external body changes start to really show themselves.  Women start “showing” that they are pregnant at around months four or five, which means that the baby is starting to grow.  This growth leads to an increase in weight and pressure on the woman’s body, particularly her low back.  The restrictions placed on the pregnant woman’s positioning while lying or sleeping is also a contributor to body aches and pains.

Trimester three is the tough one.  Momma’s weight and size expand significantly as baby goes through a growth spurt.  Finding a comfortable position for lying or sleeping gets increasingly difficult in months seven and eight, and you can add sitting and walking to the list of discomforts.  Come month nine, there is no comfortable position at all.  But worse yet is the discomfort felt due to the growing baby.

A prenatal adjustment is usually easy and gentle, as the pregnant women have the naturally occurring hormone relaxin, which helps relax the joints in the pelvis to ease delivery. Chiropractic adjustments can actually change the mother’s physical structure, putting the pelvis in the best position possible to accommodate the both mother and child. Adjustments may not only help alleviate pain, but can also help prevent it!

Again, as baby grows, the pressure of the weight coming down on a pregnant woman’s back can actually lock up the spinal joints.  And the overall extra weight a woman has to carry can alter her movement in general and specifically when she walks.  This can lead  subluxations in the lumbar spine. Utilizing chiropractics during pregnancy can aid in nausea control, reduce labor and delivery time, reduce back pain, joint and neck pain, help prevent caesarian delivery, and maintain an overall healthier pregnancy.You will not only feel much better throughout the entire pregnancy experience, but you’ll be ready to deliver in great health—and that’s what it’s all about for new mothers; healthy mother, healthy baby.


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