Our Practice - CORE - Finnell Chiropractic
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Our Practice

Our Mission

The staff at our advanced chiropractic center in Folsom believes that your health starts with the core of your body. Good health and wellness starts with identifying and correcting our core foundation when there’s something disturbing its natural balance.


We all, in fact, count on our core to provide us with good health and longevity for a long time.

Improve your health and wellness with advanced chiropractic care in Folsom

Nowadays, there are many people missing out on valuable health and longevity, due to their poor lifestyle choices. Millions of Americans are constantly subject to various chronic illnesses and diseases every year—and out of those millions, most don’t understand how important maintaining your health can be. Thanks to this, we must learn new ways to approach improving our health, if we want our health to change for the better.


The services at our advanced chiropractic center in Folsom can help our patients make that change. We help people improve the quality of their lifestyle, enough to secure their future health for the better. We always give each of our patients the individualized care that they need, using a ‘team approach’ to quickly address problems within the constitution of our patients. The professionals at our advanced chiropractic facilities in Folsom show patients techniques about how to secure a healthy lifestyle for the present and the future, preventing health problems before they start.

A Look At Our Services

We aim to educate our community about the power of chiropractic care, while helping them achieve a healthier and more proactive lifestyle.

Our current services currently include the following:


Chiropractic adjustments – we use techniques best suited to the needs of our patients.


Advanced chiropractic care – the most advanced chiropractic techniques that help restore patient’s health.


Exercise and stretching instruction – our chiropractors can instruct patients on a balanced and healthy stretching routine to maintain optimal health and minimize the risk of injury.

                        …and more.



The professionals at Core Chiropractic Center in Folsom want patients to leave with better health after experiencing our care. Too many people today are overworked and stressed, avoiding the care they need to enrich their lives. We do our best to help patients – like you – return your core health back to its physical and mental peak, so you can live up to your maximum health potential.


We look forward to providing a pivotal experience in your road to optimal health.

We pride ourselves on 3 things

Providing non-invasive natural health care


Utilizing the latest technological and scientific advancements


Delivering results

Our values

The values at Core Folsom are based on finding natural and wholly organic solutions to our patient’s healthcare problems. At the same time, we provide our patients with better awareness of themselves throughout their care. We understand that most patients may not be receiving the optimal healthcare they need.


Our current healthcare system may not be enough to fulfill these needs, due to a lack of understanding in how to resolve the true source of many physical, chemical and mental healthcare problems. Our staff doesn’t want patients to constantly continue looking for proper chiropractic care. Our chiropractic services are specifically designed to address these issues—for patients across all walks of life.

Our health and wellness philosophy

We understand that the definition of health and wellness can vary, particularly when it comes to healthcare. To us, health and wellness isn’t achieved using pharmaceutical drugs and other medication treatments. The true definition of health and wellness is ‘a condition of wholeness, to which all organs are functioning at their peak state all the time.


Wellness is that state of true health, where you feel great because your body’s functioning the way it should function. With every part of your body operating at its peak condition, you will always feel ‘100 percent’. At our chiropractic facility, we offer a competitive advantage that sets us apart from other facilities in our area. We use a process that revolves around the patient first, especially when it comes to facilitating their healing process.


With this Socratic method of teaching and helping our patients, we stay involved 100 percent of the way throughout recovery, ensuring they get the attention they need to return to full health. Thanks to our focus on providing our patients with direct, individualized and consistent healthcare, we are at the forefront of Chiropractor care in Sacramento and the surrounding area.


As we continue to provide our patients with excellent healthcare and advice, we will always continue to pride ourselves on:


Providing non-invasive and natural healthcare.


Using the most advanced chiropractic healthcare techniques and advancements.


Delivering the results our patients need.

For more information about our practice, please get in touch with our office.