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Dr. Kris’ Homework

Dr. Kris’ Homework

When you’re a member at Core Chiropractic Center you must do your homework! Dr. Kris suggest at least 3 times a week to lay on a hard flat surface with your legs positioned at 90 degrees and rest your head on a cervical pillow for at least 10 minutes.  This will take the pressure off the nerves as well as decompress the joints in the spine.

Did you know people go to chiropractors not just for back aches and pain, they come to make sure their body’s are in alignment because they know misalignments can cause interference in the nerves going to vital organs. Others come to keep their bodies in optimal condition to better deal with stress.  Discover the power of chiropractic, do your homework and enjoy optimal health!

This is a picture of my friend Norah and I making time to do homework & catch up at the same time.


Best neck pillow for homework available at Core!