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Core’s Green Detoxing Smoothie

Core’s Green Detoxing Smoothie

The Core Green Smoothie might look really scary to some people, but trust me you will be surprised how sweet it is.  Not to mention greens such as spinach have high-quality, easily assimilated amino acids, enough to build protein that supports major muscle mass growth.  I started drinking this smoothie in the morning for breakfast and I imminently noticed having sustainable energy and not to mention glowing skin after just 3 days. Detoxification will happen (watch out) from the fiber in the Smoothie which sweeps out toxins in the digestive track enabling nutrients to be absorbed.

Try this recipe or add your own favorite fruit and veggies.

(2 Servings)

-4 Cups packed Spinach
-1/4 Cup fresh Blueberries
-2 Green Apples
-1 Cup Cold Water
-1/2 Cup Ice
-4 TBS. Lemon Juice

First blend spinach with water and lemon juice, then add apple, blueberries, and ice blend until smooth. Enjoy!