Lisa Scarr CMT - CORE - Finnell Chiropractic
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Lisa Scarr CMT

Lisa Scarr


It was always a certainty that health, wellness and the human body held the greatest interest and fascination for me. I began studying anatomy, health, fitness and related undergraduate subjects while working as a fitness instructor at a YMCA in my hometown in Massachusetts. About the age of 20 I was introduced to massage therapy.


Massage offered a much different element of health apart from the traditional diet and exercise approach. It incorporates both measurable and straight forward physical benefits as well as the more subtle responses including stress reduction, that affect one on a more emotional level.


After moving to Southern California, I graduated from the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing Massage Technician training program in Santa Monica, in April of 1992.


Additionally, I have furthered my massage training to include:

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage
Table Shiatsu
Cranial Therapy
Chair Massage
Myofascial Release
Reiki level 1
SOAP Charting for insurance

My Working Philosophy

I like to work together with my clients to decide on a plan based on goals and situations and reevaluate each session to focus on changes, results and desired outcomes. I am not interested in following a routine, and choose instead to work on the person, in that moment, intuitively, based on how they present. We use whatever tools or modalities necessary to accomplish that. I want every session for every body that is on my table to be special and specific.


Receiving massage affords us the opportunity to slow down the body and mind and just notice which is a much needed break in our fast paced, high tech, and always accessible lives. I feel that is accurate whether you are receiving deep therapeutic work or a more relaxing therapy. Feeling balanced and centered again is an important outcome after a massage session.

Appointments can be made directly by calling/texting Lisa at 530-417-5761 or scheduling online here