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Chapped Lips?

Chapped Lips?

When the temperature drops, lips get dry. You can’t just hide ’em behind lipstick and lip gloss… Chapped lips are not just unsightly, they can become painful if not treated properly. Use lip balm, you suggest? Beauty pros point out that it won’t do the trick. In fact, lip balm might be the very chapped-lip culprit because it actually keeps moisture out.

The Chapped Lips Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t lick your chapped lips

Do use cucumber. Cut one into slices and hold on lips, allowing the water in the cucumber to soothe and replenish your cracked lips.

Don’t pick or peel flaking skin on the lips. This not only removes the natural skin protection, it can lead to cracking or open sores that may invite infection.

Do exfoliate. Create a mixture of brown sugar and water and rub it onto lips until they begin to feel soft.

Don’t eat or drink anything acidic like orange juice, which may irritate and burn your dry lips even more.

Do apply a lip moisturizer. It’s best to use one after a bath or shower to help seal in and replenish the skin with the necessary water and oils.

Do drink plenty of water. Keeping yourself healthy and hydrated will help to keep your lips looking fresh.