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A Tasty Deep Fry Alternative

A Tasty Deep Fry Alternative


Growing up, my absolute favorite way to eat a vegetable was when it was deep -fried. I loved the crisp, salted crunch that this gave the vegetable and I couldn’t get enough! Recently, I have been using my oven for a quicker, healthier and equally delicious alternative.

Sure, the oven is used for baking, however the setting that seemingly gets neglected is the broiling setting. The broiler heats just the top of your oven, causing a quicker cooking method for an assortment of foods. However, the best function I have found for my broiler yet, is broiling vegetables!

This gives your veggies that same deep-fry taste minus the deep fry! After only about 5 minutes, your veggies will be crisp and still taste fresh at the same time. Broiling is so quick and easy and adds a quick side dish to any meal, or serves as a snack in just minutes.  Directions are as follows:


What you’ll need:

. Baking sheet

. Aluminum foil

. 1-2 tsp. of olive oil

. Your favorite vegetable sliced thinly and length-wise

. Salt and pepper (any seasoning to taste works as well try lemon pepper or grated parmesan cheese with garlic salt!)


Line baking sheet with one square of aluminum foil. Spoon on olive oil and layer with your vegetable of choice, rolling around in the oil to slightly coat each piece. Season and broil to taste!

Some of my favorites are cauliflower with salt and pepper, broccoli with garlic salt and parmesan cheese, asparagus (doesn’t need to be cut!) with lemon pepper, and sweet potatoes with cinnamon or brown sugar.

Happy Broiling!